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Kongsberg Jazzfestival wants to be an open and including festival, also for those under the age of 18. Quality Grand Hotel, Energimølla and Christians Kjeller got arrangements at night with 18 as their age limit. If you are under 18, you will be marked for the security and bar personnel to see it. If you want to bring your children to a concert, you need to buy a ticket for them as well. We like to have children visiting our concerts, but make sure that the music, artist and location is ”child friendly”. If you are in doubt, don`t hesitate to contact us.



The pharmacies are located at Stortorvet (shopping centre), Apotek 1, Apotek Sølvkronen (Storgata 30) and Apotek Mynten (Myntgata 13)



Before the festival starts, the tickets will be available at Billettservice (Posten, Narvesen, 7 Eleven) and www.bilettservice.no. You may also call 815 33 133.

During the festival you can buy tickets in Festivalgata (from 10 am to 21 pm) and on Kirketorget (by the Tubaloon stage).



We advice all our guests to use public transportation, walk or ride a bike.
If you need to bring your car along, there are parking spots by Knutepunktet (the railway station), 17. Mai gata, Hyttegata and Haspbergtjerndalen (Haspa).

The festival street

The festival street (Festivalgata) is actually called  Christian Augustus gate and is located between Quality Grand Hotel and the public library of Kongsberg. Here you can listen to free jazz music throughout the day, get yourself a snack, something to drink, buy records from the local shop of Bare Jazz and buy tickets to the concerts.


The festival area

Kongsberg Jazzfestival got several different stages with different capacities. The smallest location we got is Galleri Åkern, which has room for 60-70 people while the biggest is Tubaloon – a stage that can hold up to 5,000 people. All the stages are located downtown Kongsberg, which means it´s easy to walk wherever you want to go.


Jazz Cinema

If you are tired of being in the sun or even the rain, and you just feel like relaxing with a movie, Kongsberg Kino got options for you. Hans Morten Wærp and Ingrid Dokka, in collaboration with Norsk Filminstitutt got movies they would love to show you, for both children and adults. Check out the festival program for more information.


Weather forecast

As always, we predict perfect festival weather! Check it yourself here:



Info centre / press centre

Our info centre is located at Grand Hotel, 2. floor. Opening hours are Wednesday to Saturday 8am – 10 pm.

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